Rates and Fees:

Here is how my rates work. Please remember I am a Coast Guard licensed professional. My rates are at the industry standards. Please remember that I work for you – the owner and will treat your vessel as it were my own. Delivery trips at times can be long grueling days. If you’re looking for the cheapest bid or best deal you can get, than I am not your captain. If you want your vessel in the hands of an experienced captain that is a highly decorated retired Coast Guard Officer with over three decades in the marine industry, than I am your man.

Required Delivery Crew: Vessels 50 feet and under requires one deckhand. Vessels over 50 feet may require two and so on depending on the size of your vessel.

Delivery Captain Rates:


For vessel deliveries outside of the Treasure Coast area: $350 per day up to 50 GT, $400/day for 50 – 100 GT and $450 for vessels exceeding 100 GT.

For vessel transports and sea trials locally in the Treasure Coast area: $350/day.

Deckhand/s: $150/ day.

*** Delivery rates do not include daily per diem rates and transportation for the crew.

Training Rates:

$75/hr for off and on the water training on vessels up to 100 GT.

$80/hr for off and on the water training on vessels exceeding 100 GT.

Delivery Captain Fees:

  • Provisions: a $45 a day per diem for all crew for food and water.
  • Travel: Travel costs are at the vessel owners expense using the most practical means depending on distance
  • Travel days will require half of the above mentioned rates
  • Fuel, oil and other consumables will be at the owner’s expense. A deposit ahead of time will be required for fuels costs
  • Dockage fees will be expected for port calls on deliveries that do not run 24 hours a day.
  • Deliveries that require 24 hour steaming will increase my daily rate.
  • A typical transit day will be from dusk to dawn depending on weather conditions, fatigue and route
  • A deposit will be required to put your vessel on my schedule to secure sailing dates and obtain crew
  • Payments: I accept cash, check and online Pay Pal. All checks must clear prior to departing.

** Cancellation Policy: Captain Randy at his sole discretion may cancel or postpone a delivery or charter due to weather conditions or any unsafe condition of vessel or unforeseen circumstances beyond his control. Every effort will be made to reschedule the delivery or charter under the same terms and conditions.  **

Captain Randy is not responsible for any loss incurred by the customer as a result of a cancellation except for the fees paid, any fees would be refunded. If the customer cancels the reservation for any reason, 50 % of the amount will not be refunded.